Tick-Borne Illness Funding | Why it Matters

The severity of tick-borne illnesses has further come into the light recently. New York lawmakers have voiced their disappointment with governor Andrew Cuomo and his lack of investment into tick-borne illness research, prevention, and treatment.

It is no secret that Connecticut is the Lyme capital of the United States. But did you know that New York is the third highest-ranking state in the country for Lyme disease diagnoses? One report states that over 95,000 cases have been confirmed since 1986. What will it take for the public and elected officials to start taking this matter more seriously? We believe the first step is education. People need a full view of what is currently happening all over the country and right here in our state.

Why Tick-borne Disease Funding Matters

Lyme disease has become an epidemic in the U.S.; it's estimated that 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with the illness each year. It is the fastest growing vector-borne illness, according to the CDC and WHO. Funding towards tick-borne illnesses will not only help treat the problem, but it can also aid in preventing the problem. Governor Cuomo's lack of investment in this matter is an act of negligence. That is especially true when we consider how severely people can be affected by Lyme disease.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses can affect every part of the human body. It most commonly affects the brain, nervous system, heart, and joints. People can experience the following list of symptoms.

● Decline in Cognitive Functions

● Mild to Severe Rashes

● Fatigue and Malaise

● Stiff and Swollen Joints

● Fever

● Headaches or Migraines

● Sleep Disruption

● Dizziness

● Light Sensitivity

● Mood Swings

● Chronic Pain

The list could continue to go on. The list does not mention conditions caused by the illness, such as Lyme carditis and neurological symptoms. Studies have shown that Lyme Disease can cause alterations in the immune system.

All of this could happen to you or a loved one if a tick bite goes untreated. We as a nation must take action and continue to educate ourselves on the matter.