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 Is there tick control near me? Yes! Tick Control, LLC is a pest control service located right in Fairfield, CT ! With the tick population on the rise, 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous years for tick-related diseases. That said, there is a simple solution that will protect your family all season long.  For years, Fairfield residents have trusted Tick Control, LLC to deliver the best tick control products, service and tick tubes. Why? Because we keep deer ticks, brown dog ticks and LoneStar ticks away from your Fairfield property. Does organic tick control work? Not really. Don't let others fool you.


Our tick specialists are trained, licensed professionals who know exactly how to keep your family safe throughout spring, summer and fall. Utilizing very safe and effective synthetic tick treatments.


Simply fill out the provided form below and a Tick Control technician will contact you within just a few hours. You can also check our other tick service locations. If you would like to call us, we would love to hear from you. Our number is (888) 910-8425.


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Fairfield is an affluent town located in Connecticut. Situated near the city of Bridgeport and Trumbull, it's located along the "Gold Coast" of Connecticut. This charming but affluent town boasts a population of only about 59,000. However, the standard of living here is high and Money magazine even ranked Fairfield as the 44th best place to live in 2014 as well as the best place to live in Connecticut. 



Fairfield was established by Puritans and was one of the two principal settlements of the Connecticut colony in the 1600s. Over time, this area gave rise to new towns that broke off and incorporated separately. Located close to Long Island Sound, Fairfield was a prosperous area and became popular for the British Torys during the revolutionary war. During the war, the British actually burned the town to the ground. However, it was rebuilt and actually remains a historical landmark. Today, visitors to the area can enjoy great examples of colonial architecture that are still standing. 

Demographics and Features

The town is a quiet area but incredibly safe. The town is notable for its low crime rate. It is also an affluent area with a very small percentage of the town living below the poverty line. Additionally, while the town is fairly small on its own, it's notable for having two universities. Fairfield University enrolls around 5,000 students each year. Sacred Heart University is the second largest Roman Catholic university in New England. 

The area is primarily Catholic and has two Catholic high schools. They also have public schools and the community is actively engaged in education programs here. While many of the students choose to attend the local universities, students at both the public and private schools do well here. 

Finally, Fairfield is located only 50 miles from New York City. The town has three train stations that extend into the city itself, with some residents making the commute for work each day.

Points of Interest

When it comes to activities, the town of Fairfield is relatively small but also very active. Historians particularly enjoy the area. In fact, the Fairfield Historic District is a great region of the town where visitors and residents can learn more about the events that occurred here. This includes the town hall, public library, and houses that date back from the 18th century. There are also notable houses that can be seen by historic figures such as John Osbourne and Jonathan Sturges. 

The community is also invested in the arts and supports a wide range of visual arts. Fairfield University has a center for the arts on its campus that has a full schedule. In addition to featuring music, dance, and theatre throughout the year, they also host a lecture series. This center has been recognized as the cultural epicenter of Fairfield County and with good reason. While many of the arts take place on the school campuses, the Gazebo on Sherman Town Green is home to concerts during the summer months and always draws a crowd. 

Fairfield has plenty of outdoor attractions and sporting events as well. Fairfield University hosts collegiate athletic events which are open to the public and are widely enjoyed. In the general community, the town has five miles of coastline with five town beaches. There are also miles of private beaches as well. Lake Mohegan which has waterfalls is a popular destination hiking in addition to the bird sanctuary. Of course, boating is a popular activity here. The Ye Yacht Yard provides access to a range of boating activities, especially sailing. Residents can own their own boats or rent ones to take out. 

This overview provides a closer look at the town of Fairfield. This charming and thriving town has a great deal to offer which is why people love to call it home. Located close to large cities, Fairfield has managed to maintain its own quiet nature. However, the residents are highly involved in the community and support academic and arts programs in their region. It's no wonder that this town was ranked one of the top places to live. Keeping up with its reputation as a small New England town, visitors are charmed when they travel to the area. These are just a few of the features that Fairfield has to offer. 


TICK CONTROL, LLC now also offers pest control services to Easton, Monroe, Trumbull, Stratford, Shelton, and Milford!
We service these streets in Fairfield
We service these streets in Fairfield
    Blake Drive
    Bloomfield Drive
    Blue Bell Lane
    Blueberry Lane
    Blueridge Road
    Bond Street
    Bonney Terrace
    Boroskey Drive
    Bradford Street
    Bradley Street
    Brambly Hedge Circle
    Brentwood Avenue
    Brett Lane
    Brett Road
    Bridget Lane
    Bridle Trail
    Brighton View Road
    Brion Drive
    Broad River Lane
    Bromwell Street
    Bronson Road
    Brookbend Road
    Brookdale Road
    Brookfield Avenue
    Brooklawn Avenue
    Brooklawn Pkwy
    Brooklawn Terrace
    Brookmere Drive
    Brookridge Avenue
    Brookside Drive
    1st Street
    2nd Street
    3rd Street
    Abbey Road
    Abigails Way
    Abigail's Way
    Adams Road
    Adelaide Street
    Adley Road
    Alberta Street
    Alden Street
    Alexandria Court
    Algonquin Road
    Allen Road
    Alma Drive
    Alton Place
    Alvin Street
    Alyssa Lane
    Andrassy Avenue
    Ann Street
    Applegate Road
    Apponyi Street
    Aran Hill Road
    Ardmore Street
    Argonne Street
    Arising Street
    Arrowhead Lane
    Ash Street
    Aspen Wood Lane
    Aspetuck Falls
    Audubon Lane
    Autumn Ridge Road
    Avalon Court
    Bailey Road
    Baldwin Terrace
    Balmaha Close
    Balmaha Court
    Banks North Road
    Barlow Place
    Barlow Plain Drive
    Barlow Road
    Barnhill Court
    Barnhill Road
    Baros Street
    Barrister Court
    Barrister Lane
    Barryscott Drive
    Barton Road
    Bay Edge Court
    Bayberry Road
    Beach Road
    Beacon Square
    Beacon View Drive
    Beagling Circle
    Beagling Hill Circle
    Beaumont Place
    Beaumont Street
    Beaver Brook Lane
    Beaver Street
    Beechwood Lane
    Beers Road
    Bel Air Lane
    Belmont Street
    Benedict Avenue
    Bennett Street
    Benson Cmn, South
    Benson Place
    Benson Road, North
    Benson Road, South
    Benton Street
    Berkley Road
    Berrylane Court
    Berwick Avenue
    Berwick Court
    Beth Drive
    Betty Creek
    Beverly Lane
    Bibbins Avenue
    Birch Road
    Birchwood Circle
    Birchwood Drive
    Biro Street
    Bittersweet Road
    Black Rock Avenue
    Black Rock Road
    Black Rock Road
    Black Rock Tpke
    Black Rock Tpke
    Blackmount Court
    Blackmount Lane
    Blaine Street
    Catamount Road
    Catherine Street
    Catherine Terrace
    Cedar Road, North
    Cedar Woods Lane
    Cedarhurst Lane
    Centerbrook Place
    Centerbrook Road
    Chambers Street
    Chandlers Lane N
    Chandlers Lane S
    Chapel Hill Drive
    Chapman Avenue
    Charles Street
    Charter Oak Road
    Chatham Road
    Chelsea Street
    Cherry Hill Road
    Cherry Lane
    Chestnut Street
    Church Hill Road
    Churchill Street
    Cider Mill Lane
    Clinton Street
    Club Drive
    Coach Lane
    Cobblers Hill Road
    Coburn Street
    Coleman Road
    College Park Drive
    College Place
    Collingwood Avenue
    Colonese Road
    Colonial Drive
    Colony Street
    Commerce Drive
    Commonwealth Drive
    Concord Street
    Congress Street
    Congress Street
    Coolidge Court
    Coral Drive
    Cornell Road
    Country Road
    Coventry Lane
    Craig Court
    Craig Place
    Crane Street
    Cranston Street
    Creconoof Road
    Crescent Road
    Crest Ter N
    Crest Ter S
    Crest Terrace
    Crestwood Road
    Cricker Brook Lane
    Cricket Lane
    Crimson Lane
    Crocus Court
    Crosby Street
    Cross Highway
    Crystal Lane
    Brookview Avenue
    Browns Lane
    Buckboard Lane
    Buena Vista Road
    Bulkley Drive
    Bullard Street
    Bungalow Avenue
    Bunnell Circle
    Burr Street
    Burroughs Road
    Burroughs Road
    Burrwood Cmn
    Caitlin Court
    Calf Pond Lane
    Calico Lane
    Cambridge Street
    Camden Street
    Campbell Road
    Campfield Drive
    Candlewood Road
    Canterbury Lane
    Cardinal Street
    Carleton Street
    Carlynn Drive
    Carrie Circle
    Carroll Road
    Carter Henry Drive
    Carthage Street
    Cascade Drive
    Casmir Drive
    Castle Avenue
    Hillside Road
    Hillside Terrace
    Hitching Post Lane
    Holiday Road
    Holland Hill Road
    Hollis Street
    Hollow Tree Circle
    Hollydale Road
    Home Street
    Homefair Drive
    Homeland Street
    Homestead Lane
    Homestead Road
    Honeysuckle Lane
    Horace Court
    Hornbeam Road
    Horseshoe Lane
    Howard Street
    Hoyden Hill Road
    Hoydens Hill Road
    Hoydens Lane
    Hubbell Lane
    Hunter Lane
    Hunter Road
    Hunyadi Avenue
    Hurd Street
    Indian Point Road
    Ingleside Road
    Inverary Close
    Inwood Road
    Ironside Road
    Halley Avenue
    Halley Court
    Halsey Street
    Hamilton Court
    Hanford Drive
    Harris Street
    Harvester Road
    Harwich Road
    Hawthorne Drive
    Hazel Street
    Heather Lane
    Helen Street
    Hemlock Hills Road N
    Hemlock Hills Road S
    Hemlock Road
    Henderson Road
    Henry Street
    Hersh Road
    Hibiscus Street
    Hickory Lane
    High Circle Lane
    High Court
    High Point Lane
    High Ridge Road
    High Street
    Highlawn Road
    Hilary Circle
    Hill Brook Lane
    Hill Farm Road
    Hillandale Road
    Hillcrest Road
    Gaybowers Lane
    Gaynos Drive
    Geneva Terrace
    Georgia Street
    Getty Circle
    Getty Creek
    Gilbert Highway
    Ginger Circle
    Glen Ridge Road
    Glenarden Drive
    Glenarden Drive S
    Glengarry Road
    Glover Street
    Godfrey Road
    Golden Pond Lane
    Golfview Terrace
    Gorham Road
    Gould Avenue
    Governors Lane
    Grace Street
    Grandview Road
    Granville Street
    Grasmere Avenue
    Green Acres Lane
    Green Knolls Lane
    Greenbriar Road
    Greenfield Hill Road
    Greenfield Street
    Greenlawn Drive
    Greenleigh Road
    Guydan Lane
    Fieldcrest Road
    Figlar Avenue
    Finn Street
    Fiske Street
    Flax Road
    Fleming Lane
    Flora Boulevard
    Florence Lane
    Flower House Drive
    Flushing Avenue
    Foggwood Circle
    Foggwood Road
    Forest Avenue
    Fortuna Drive
    Four Seasons Road
    Fox Run Road
    Fox Street
    Francis Street
    Frank Street
    Franklin Lane
    French Street
    Frog Pond Lane
    Fulling Mill Lane N
    Fulling Mill Lane S
    Galloping Hill Road
    Garden Court
    Garden Drive
    Garden Square
    Gate Ridge Road
    Gate Stone Lane
    Gay Bowers Road
    Ennis Lane
    Ermine Street
    Essex Street
    Euclid Avenue
    Eunice Avenue
    Evergreen Hill Road
    Exchange Place
    Extbrookfield Avenue
    Fair Oak Drive
    Fairchild Avenue
    Fairfield Avenue
    Fairfield Beach Road
    Fairfield Place
    Fairfield Woods Road
    Fairland Drive
    Fairmount Terrace
    Fairview Avenue
    Fairway Grn
    Fallow Field Lane
    Fallow Field Road
    Falmouth Road
    Farist Road
    Farmington Avenue
    Farmstead Hill
    Federal Street
    Fence Row Drive
    Ferguson Drive
    Fern Street
    Ferncliff Road
    Field Point Drive
    Cummings Avenue
    Curtis Terrace
    Cynthia Drive
    Dalewood Avenue
    Davis Road
    Dawn Street
    Deane Lane
    Deepwood Road
    Deer Park Road
    Deer Run Road
    Deerfield Street
    Dell Dale Road
    Denise Terrace
    Dill Road
    Division Avenue
    Division Street
    Division Street
    Dogwood Lane
    Donna Drive
    Doreen Drive
    Dorking Drive
    Dorothy Street
    Drake Lane
    Dresden Street
    Drumm Road
    Duck Farm Road
    Dudley Drive
    Duka Avenue
    Dunham Road
    Dunhill Drive
    Dunnlea Road
    Cummings Avenue
    Curtis Terrace
    Cynthia Drive
    Dalewood Avenue
    Davis Road
    Dawn Street
    Deane Lane
    Deepwood Road
    Deer Park Road
    Deer Run Road
    Deerfield Street
    Dell Dale Road
    Denise Terrace
    Dill Road
    Division Avenue
    Division Street
    Division Street
    Dogwood Lane
    Donna Drive
    Doreen Drive
    Dorking Drive
    Dorothy Street
    Drake Lane
    Dresden Street
    Drumm Road
    Duck Farm Road
    Dudley Drive
    Duka Avenue
    Dunham Road
    Dunhill Drive
    Dunnlea Road
    Jackman Avenue
    Jackman Place
    James Street
    Jarvis Court
    Jay Circle
    Jefferson Street
    Jeniford Road
    Jennie Lane
    Jennings Road
    Jennings Road
    Joan Drive
    Judd Street
    Judges Hollow Road
    Judson Road
    Kalan Circle
    Karen Street
    Katona Drive
    Kenard Street
    Kenwood Avenue
    King Street
    Kings Highway
    Kings Highway
    Kings Highway Cutoff
    Kings Highway E
    Kings Highway E
    Kinnie Drive
    Knapps Highway
    Knapps Park Drive
    Knollwood Drive
    Labbance Lane
    Lagana Lane
    Old Barn Road
    Old Black Rock Tpke
    Old Coach Road
    Old Dam Road
    Old Dam Road E
    Old Elm Road
    Old Farm Lane
    Old Farm Road
    Old Hickory Road
    Old Mill Road
    Old Oaks Road
    Old Orchard Park
    Old Post Road
    Old Spring Road
    Old Stratfield Road
    Oldfield Drive
    Oldfield Road
    Oliva Place
    One Rod Highway
    Orange Street
    Orchard Hill Drive
    Orchard Hill Lane
    Oriole Lane
    Osborne Hill Road
    Overhill Road
    Overlook Avenue
    Oxbow Road
    Oyster Road
    Paddock Hill Lane
    Paisley Lane
    Palamar Drive
    Myren Street
    N Benson Road
    N Cedar Road
    N Pine Creek Road
    Narrow Street
    Nathan Hale Street
    Nelson Place
    Nepas Road
    New England Avenue
    New Hampshire Avenue
    New Street
    Newell Place
    Newman Place
    Newport Place
    Newton Street
    Nichols Avenue
    Nichols Street
    Nonopoge Road
    Norcliff Lane
    Nordstrand Avenue
    Nordstrand Avenue Exd
    North Street
    Northfield Road
    Northwood Road
    Norwegian Woods
    Noyes Road
    Nutmeg Lane
    Oak Bluff Drive
    Oakwood Drive
    Ocean Reef Drive
    Old Academy Road
    Middlebrook Place
    Midlock Road
    Midlock Road Pvt
    Milandale Road
    Milbank Road
    Mill Hill Lane
    Mill Hill Road
    Mill Plain Green
    Mill Plain Road
    Mill River Road
    Millard Street
    Miller Street
    Millspaugh Drive
    Milton Street
    Mine Hill Road
    Miro Street
    Mistywood Lane
    Mohican Hill Road
    Mona Terrace
    Montauk Street
    Moody Avenue
    Morehouse Drive
    Morehouse Highway
    Morehouse Highway
    Morehouse Lane
    Morehouse Road
    Morgan Avenue, West
    Moritz Place
    Morning Dew Circle
    Mountain Laurel Road
    Mulberry Hill Road
    Marne Avenue
    Marsh Drive
    Martingale Lane
    Maryland Street
    Mason Street
    Massachusetts Avenue
    Matilda Place
    May Street
    Mayfair Road
    Mayflower Circle
    Mayweed Road
    Meadow Court
    Meadow Street
    Meadowbrook Road
    Meadowcrest Drive
    Meadowcroft Road
    Meeting House Lane
    Melin Drive
    Mellow Street
    Melody Court
    Melody Lane
    Melville Avenue
    Melville Drive
    Memory Lane
    Merritt Street
    Merry Meet Circle
    Merton Street
    Merwins Lane
    Michaela Circle
    Middlebrook Drive
    Livingston Street
    Lloyd Drive
    Lloyd Place
    Lockwood Circle
    Lockwood Road
    Lola Street
    London Terrace
    Longdean Road
    Longfellow Avenue
    Longmeadow Road
    Longview Avenue
    Lookout Drive N
    Lookout Drive S
    Lota Drive
    Lounsbury Road
    Louvain Street
    Lovers Lane
    Lu Manor Drive
    Lucille Street
    Lucille Street N
    Ludlowe Court
    Ludlowe Road
    Lyman Lane
    Lynnbrook Road
    Madison Hill
    Mailands Road
    Maple Drive
    Margemere Drive
    Marian Road
    Mariners Way
    Marlborough Terrace
    Lakeside Drive
    Lakeview Court
    Lakeview Drive
    Lakeview Place
    Lakewood Drive
    Lalley Boulevard
    Lamplighter Lane
    Lampwick Lane
    Lancelot Road
    Lantern Road
    Larkspur Road
    Laurel Brook Lane
    Laurel Street
    Lawrence Road
    Lazlo Terrace
    Lee Drive
    Lenox Road
    Leslie Lane
    Lewis Drive
    Lighthouse Pt
    Lilac Lane
    Lilalyn Drive
    Limerick Road
    Lind Street
    Lindamir Lane
    Lindbergh Court
    Lindbergh Street
    Linley Drive
    Linwood Avenue
    Lisbon Drive
    Littlebrook Road
    Palm Drive
    Palmer Brg
    Pansy Circle
    Pansy Road
    Papermill Lane
    Papurah Road
    Park Avenue
    Park Drive
    Park Square Court
    Parkwood Road
    Partridge Lane
    Patricia Circle
    Patrick Drive
    Patton Place
    Paul Place
    Paulding Street
    Paulding Street, East
    Pease Avenue
    Pell Meadow Drive
    Pemburn Drive
    Penfield Place
    Penfield Road
    Penny Lane
    Pent Highway
    Pepperbush Lane
    Pepperidge Circle
    Pequot Road
    Perry Street
    Peter Court
    Peytonwood Road
    Sky Top Terrace
    Sleepy Hollow Road
    Smedley Road
    Smith Street
    Somerset Avenue
    Somerville Street
    Soundview Avenue
    South Street
    Southfield Road
    Southwood Road
    Spinning Wheel Road
    Spooner Avenue
    Spring Hill Road
    Spring House Road
    Spring Valley Road
    Springer Road
    State Highway 130
    State Highway 135
    State Highway 136
    State Highway 58
    State Highway 58
    State Highway 59
    State Street Exd
    Steiner Street
    Stella Lane
    Stephens Lane
    Sterling Street
    Stevenson Road
    Steward Hill Circle
    Still Meadow
    Still Meadow Place
    School Street
    Scofield Avenue
    Sconset Drive
    Sedan Terrace
    Senate Lane
    Senese Drive
    Senior Place
    September Place
    Shadowood Road
    Shady Hill Road
    Shadybrook Road
    Shagbark Lane
    Shalimar Lane
    Shelter Rock Road
    Shepard Street
    Sherley Place
    Sherman Court
    Sherman Street
    Sherman Street W
    Sherwood Farm Road
    Shetland Road
    Shoreham Terrace
    Shoreham Village Drive
    Short Hill Lane
    Shrub Oak Lane
    Siacus Place
    Sigwin Drive
    Silliman Street
    Silver Circle
    Silver Spring Road
    Sky Top Drive
    Round Hill Road
    Rowland Road
    Royal Avenue
    Ruane Street
    Rugby Road
    Running Brook Circle
    Rutland Avenue
    Ryegate Road
    S Benson Cmn
    S Benson Road
    S Pine Creek Court
    S Pine Creek Road
    S Renwick Drive
    Sachem Road
    Saddleview Court
    Saddleview Road
    Saint Marc Lane
    Salem Road
    Salt Meadow Road
    Samp Mortar Drive
    Samuel Lane
    Sandy Way
    Sanford Street
    Sasapequan Place
    Sasapequan Road
    Sasco Hill Road
    Sasco Hill Terrace
    Sasco Pt
    Sawyer Road
    Saxonwood Road
    Schiller Road
    Ridgely Avenue
    Ridgeview Avenue
    Rifle Road
    Risley Road
    Rita Avenue
    Riverfield Drive
    Riverside Drive
    Riverview Circle
    Roanoke Avenue
    Robert Court
    Robert Lane
    Roberton Xing
    Robin Circle
    Robin Lane
    Robson Place
    Rock Major Road
    Rock Ridge Road
    Rockland Road
    Rodgers Road
    Rolling Hills Drive
    Rolling Ridge Road
    Romanock Place
    Romanock Road
    Ronald Drive
    Rosedale Street
    Roselle Street
    Rosemere Avenue
    Roseville Street
    Roseville Terrace
    Ross Hill Road
    Round Hill Drive
    Quail Run Circle
    Quaker Lane
    Quarter Horse Lane
    Queens Grant Drive
    Queens Grant Lane
    Queens Grant Road
    Querida Street
    Quincy Street
    Rainbow Street
    Rakoczy Avenue
    Random Road
    Raymond Circle
    Raymond Drive
    Red Oak Road
    Redding Road
    Redfield Road
    Reef Court
    Reef Road
    Reid Street
    Rena Place
    Renchy Street
    Renwick Drive, South
    Revere Lane
    Reynolds Drive
    Rhoda Avenue
    Rhode Island Avenue
    Richard Place
    Riders Lane
    Ridge Cmn
    Ridgedale Road
    Ridgeley Avenue
    Pheasant Lane
    Philemon Street
    Phyfe Road
    Pickwick Street
    Pierce Street
    Pilgrim Lane
    Pine Creek Avenue
    Pine Creek Court, South
    Pine Creek Road, North
    Pine Creek Road, South
    Pine Hill Road
    Pine Ridge Road
    Pine Tree Lane
    Pioneer Court
    Pleszko Place
    Plum Street
    Poe Court
    Pompano Place
    Pond Court
    Ponuncamo Road
    Pope Street
    Post Road
    Potters Lane
    Powder Horn Lane
    Pratt Street
    Primrose Lane
    Prince Street
    Princess Pine Lane
    Prospect Avenue
    Puritan Road
    Putting Green Road
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