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How long do I have to stay off the treated the area for ticks?

Tick treatments need to be completely dry before re-entry.  This can take anywhere from one hour to 24 hours depending on environmental conditions.

How will I know if you  came to spray my yard for ticks?

We will leave behind a yellow sign at the entrances of your property.

How do I pay my bill?

Invoices are emailed unless paper invoices are requested. You can pay by check to the address listed therein. You can also pay by credit or debit card directly from an emailed invoice. We also accept Venmo and CashApp. See your invoice for addresses.

I have dogs. Is your tick control service safe for dogs?

We use only name-brand safe and effective tick control products. These tick sprays will not harm your dog.

I have a tick infestation. How soon can I get a tick treatment?


In the case of a tick infestation, we will try to come out right away, assess the problem, determine the proper solution, and spray your yard for ticks the same day if needed.


Are deer ticks the only dangerous ticks in Connecticut?


No, deer ticks are not the only danger. The black-legged deer tick is a major concern in Connecticut because they are vectors of Lyme Disease. However, there are several additional species of ticks in our area and even more migrating here from the south. Each poses their own set of serious health risks to humans and pets.


What time of year should I spray my yard for ticks in CT?


Ticks are active all year round. That said, an effective tick control regimen should start in early Spring (April) and continue through Fall (Oct-Nov), weather permitting.


I see your tick control trucks in Darien. Can I just stop one of them and ask for a quote?


Yes! We do offer tick control services to Darien so our trucks are often in the area. Please feel free to stop one and request a quote. Our staff is trained to quote potential tick sprays as well as deliver them.


Does your tick control company service all areas of Greenwich?


Of Course! Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Belle Haven, Back Country, Pemberwick, Glenville, Byram... We service all areas of Greenwich, CT and our technicians are ready to work.


How long do I have to stay off my yard after a tick spraying?


This is a very common question asked by customers. While the State of Connecticut DEEP requires us to post signs that must remain on your property for 24 hours, our tick treatments are safe for reentry once the product is completely dry. Depending on the sun, humidity, and temperature, the reentry time can be anywhere from one to three hours.

Do I need to be worried about tick control in New Canaan?


Yes. While the tick population is more concentrated in some areas of CT than others, ticks are everywhere. It is highly recommended that residents of New Canaan use a professional tick control service like Tick Control, LLC to protect their families and pets. We service New Canaan and have happy customers there. Ticks are active and quest even in groomed areas and vegetation. We offer tick treatments at fair prices.

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