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Tick Control, LLC services Orange, CT.  With the tick population on the rise, 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous years for Lyme Disease and other tick-related diseases.  With the current pandemic COVID-19, you don't need another worry.  Luckily, Tick Control, LLC's team of  technicians are experts in tick prevention and know exactly how to keep you safe.  Our simple and reliable solutions keep your family protected all season long. You can rely on us to keep dangerous deer ticks, brown dog ticks and LoneStar ticks away from your Orange property.


Our tick specialists are licensed professionals with a passion for reducing the tick activity in Connecticut. Simply fill out the contact us form below and a Tick Control technician will contact you within just a few hours. If you would like to call us. We would love to hear from you. Our number is (888) 910-8425.

ORANGE Tick Control, LLC

The small town of Orange, Connecticut is located in the southern part of the state. It neighbors larger cities such as New Haven, Milford, and West Haven. The town itself is fairly small and only covers 17.6 square miles with a population of only 14,000. This simple, residential New England town makes for a quiet place to live. 

The town keeps its roots in their history with most residents being aware of Orange's origins. A man named Peter Prudden purchased the town from the Paugusett indian tribe back in the 1600s. The area was originally settled by colonists from England and was named after William III, the prince of Orange. The town bears his title name. 

Orange was a part of the neighboring town of West Haven until it grew throughout the 19th century and separated in 1921. This gave the remaining part of Orange a more rural feel as most of the urban population was given to West Haven. However, in the post-war period, Orange began developing as a more suburban area. Although the town has developed to become a modern area, it remains with many areas on the National Register of Historic Places and protects their early roots as well. 

Orange Demographics

This area remains predominantly caucasian and is mostly known for having affluent families who are active in the local community. Surprisingly, the demographics of the area are almost evenly split with similar numbers of registered Republicans and Democrats. The area has three elementary and middle schools and actually does not have their own public high school. Students travel to Woodbridge for high school or can attend the Hebrew Academy, a private academy in town. 

Getting Around Orange

Orange is conveniently located on Route 1 and 34 as well as Interstate 95. Although this is a small town, most of the residents choose to drive in the area. Most of the roads in and around Orange are small which may be dangerous to bikers. There is very little public transportation in the town but residents do enjoy walking around the main areas as a leisure activity. 

Orange Attractions and Places

Although you wouldn't expect there to be much to do in Orange, it actually boasts a wide range of activities. One of the popular spots remains Wright's Pond. During the winter months, the pond freezes over and you'll see a wide range of activities from pond hockey general skating. In the summer time, it's a popular fishing spot as well. For kids, there is Eisenhower Park, a popular water park and playground. For the kid in all of us, Orange is the home of the PEZ Visitor Center. Golfers enjoy Grassy Hill Country Club and Orange Hills Country Club three seasons a year.

Both visitors and residents enjoy the hiking trails in the area. Many of these hikes travel past some of the historic spots. For thoses looking for great spots to hike, here are just a few: Racebrook Tract, West Rock Ridge State Park, Tucker's Ridge, East Rock Park, Turkey Hill, Fred Wolfe Park, Wepawaug Concervation Area, Wooster Island and more. After a hike, make sure to visit the Field View Farm. This farm dates back to 1693 and has surprisingly stayed in the family for 12 generations. It's a fun spot to visit and remains a piece of history for residents. There is also the Housatinic Overlook with sunning views.

One fun activity during nice weather times is to simply visit Orange Center Road which is considered to be the downtown area or Orange. It contains a historic district that is maintained by the town zone in order to maintain its simple classic New England look. The shops here maintain their small time feel and you'll find barbershops, shoe stores, clothing, and more. You can also experience a range of restaurants from upscale to simple dining. 

What makes Orange stand out though is their events held throughout the year. They are an active community and enjoy participating in several community events. The Strawberry Festival is held by the Protestant Church in Orange and is family-friendly and heavily involved. The Orange Town Fair is probably the area's pinnacle event though. It was started as a way to represent the history of the past farm community and maintains a fair-like atmosphere. People attend to enjoy the tractor pull events, rides, horse-riding competitions, and more. Local restaurants such as Chip's Family Restaurant make it a priority to bring great food to this event. 

Visiting Orange

Orange is not a top tourist destination in Connecticut, but there is still plenty to see and do there. Orange has a rich historic past and a strong desire to maintain its roots. This small town is a classic picture of a New England lifestyle and history. 

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