Tick Control, LLC offers pest control service in Milford, CT. Beware Connecticut! The tick population is increasing and 2020 could be one of the most dangerous years for tick-borne illness. Luckily, you can protect your family all season long with just a few simple precautions. The first is preventing ticks from entering your yard. That's where we come in. Tick Control, LLC will keep deer ticks, brown dog ticks and LoneStar ticks away from your Milford home and property. Our tick experts are trained, licensed professionals who know exactly how to keep your family safe throughout spring, summer, and fall. If you would like to call us, we would love to hear from you. Our number is (888) 910-8425


Although the area has become a popular place to visit when traveling through New England, it's a popular place to call home for second-home buyers, retirees, and empty-nesters. Residents of Milford are known for being welcoming, with new residents being surprised to find fruit baskets, and other welcoming gifts when they first move into the area. Milford is the first coastal town in New Haven County. Being outside of Fairfield County means that the housing prices and the taxes are lower than other regions of Connecticut. 

The Post Road runs through Milford and offers an enourmous amount of shopping and dining opportunites. The Connecticut Post Mall has long been a hot spot in Milford shoppers eager to spend a weekend or evening looking for something special. 

Residents of the area also appreciate the character and longevity of the area. The town boasts many homes that date back to the early 1900s. Residents can also enjoy the historic but bustling downtown and the many beaches that are readily accessible. Milford's miles of shoreline are a big draw for primary or vacation homes. There are five public beaches; Walnut Beach, Silver Sands, Wildemere Beach, and Woodmont Beach. In addition to seven private beaches. 

Schools and Employment

The public school system here is surprisingly busy and includes eight elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools, Jonathan Law High School and Foran High School. Milford  is also home to a highly acclaimed private all girls high, Lauralton Hall. The SAT scores are higher than the state average for Connecticut in Milford which boasts the strength of the education system. 

Although New York City is about 70 miles away, some residents still make the trek for work. Residents have the the option to drive directly to NYC on I-95 or commuting by train. The New Haven Line leaves from the center of town for a 90-115 minute trip. 

Culture and Events

There are many things to do in Milford but their crowning achievement would have to be the annual Milford Oyster Festival which takes place each August. This is a combination of a typical town fair that you'll find throughout the Northeast in addition to a culinary celebration of their shellfish-rich location. The festival takes place in Milford center and has events throughout the area. There is also have various kayak and other boating races in addition to a wide variety of musical performances. 


Outdoor recreation and cultural events are also a normal part of Milford life. Silver Sands state park, Orchards golf course, Great River Golf Club, and other recreation facilities offer a range of activities such as boating, hiking, and more. Walnut Beach is always a prime spot though, and you can find people enjoying swimming and boating whenever there's a nice day. 

Although Milford remains close to neighboring towns, Orange, West Haven, and Stratford, it has developed its own coastal-based identity throughout the years. The small town maintains its charm with friendly residents and affordable homes which draw people in for their primary or second homes. These are just a few features of the town that can be enjoyed while visiting or traveling through the area. 

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