Wilton, Connecticut is a small town that's located in the southwestern part of the state. It's a reasonably small area with a population of about 18,000. Like many of the towns in Fairfield county, Wilton is an upscale residential community with open lands, historical architecture, and extensive town services. Many of its residents commute to Stamford or New York City for work. 

Town Makeup and Demographics

While the population of Wilton is not large, this does not mean that the area is compact. To enjoy living here, residents have to enjoy driving with home spread out on large lots that make up the 27 square miles. The town has a compact center but most of the homes are spread out. Walking is not easy due to winding narrow roads although they are scenic for driving. 

Although Wilton was known as a Republican bastion, they strongly supported democratic candidates in 2008 when Barack Obama became the first Democrat to be supported since Johnson in the 60s. The town then support Romney's bid for president in the next election cycle although they voted for Hillary Clinton. Although Democrats make up the majority of the town, many of them are moderates. 

Driving around town allows people to get a feel for the historic aspect of the area. Some of the well-traveled routes such as Ridgefield and Belden Hill are great roads to enjoy some of the historic homes and stone walls. Wilton's residents have an interest in maintaining their historic roots and much of the colonial architecture still stands today. 

The main road through the town is Route 7. This is an area that's lined with office buildings and strip malls. However, just off Route 7 is the compact but bustling town center. In addition to various shopping and dining locations, the local Bow-Tie Cinema is a top attraction for young and old alike. 

The history of the area is an attraction and an important part of Wilton's heritage. The Weir Farm National Historic Site serves as a legacy to Alden Weird, an American Impressionist painter. He acquired the farm in 1882 for only $10 and one of his paintings that he had picked up in Europe. The house is maintained as a landmark and remains a popular place for visitors to the area, especially art enthusiasts. 

Wilton also is well-known for being a stop on the Underground Railroad. The residents of Wilton historically had a strong anti-slavery sentiment. The house of William Wakeman remains a historic landmark. He served as an earnest abolitionist and helped escaped slaves travel to freedom. 

Leisure Activities

While the population is not large, there are a variety of activities to enjoy in Wilton, especially for the outdoor enthusiast. The local YMCA has the market cornered on local programs such as athletics, arts, and cultural activities. During the warmers months, residents take advantage of the Town Forest, a 192-acre area where you can hike, ride horses, and camp overnight. Additionally, the local Merwin Meadows Park is a favorite spot for families. The swimming pool is open in the summer months and the playground and picnic area offer fun recreation opportunities. 

For a more upscale experience, the local country club features a golf course, a private pool, and tennis courts. 

Work and Education

The district only has four schools. The elementary and middle schools have been recognized as schools of distinction by the Department of Education for their performance on state testing. The high school also boasts highly achieving students with more than 20 AP courses. They also have strong programs for students with disabilities. 

Although Wilton has its own industries, many of its residents commute to local areas for employment. Wilton has two train stations that can travel to Grand Central in about 90 minutes. Local global corporations such as ASML, Deloitte and Touche, and Sun Products call Wilton home. Additionally, many Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters within a 30-minute commute. 

When it comes to Wilton, this scenic town is great for families who want to enjoy their personal space. It's a quiet town although there's always plenty of activities to enjoy. These are a few of the reasons why Wilton has kept up with its small town roots while enjoying their proximity to metropolitan areas. 




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