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Often named as one of the wealthiest communities in the US, Darien, Connecticut offers New England-style coastal living for those who can afford its large houses. Only 40 miles from New York City, Darien sits on the route most travelers take between Boston and New York. The coastal city is situated on Long Island Sound, with 16.5 miles of coastline. Most of the residents of Darien commute to New York for work, which takes about an hour.


The city’s broken up into neighborhoods. The most notable are Tokeneke, Noroton and Noroton Heights. Tokeneke is a private neighborhood, where residents pay separate taxes to keep up the roads and police officers within Tokeneke. Noroton Heights is more modest than some of the wealthy surrounding neighborhoods. 


Darien is full of things to do.


The coastline affords public beaches and yacht clubs, like Darien Boat Club and Noroton Yacht Club. Darien is full of historical landmarks as well. The Darien Library first opened in 1894, and the Darien Historical Society runs the Bates-Scofield House. You can also visit the Mather Homestead, originally built during the Revolutionary War. 


Many people are drawn to Darien for its sense of community. The city often has newcomers who don’t know anyone else in town before moving there. An active civic culture, along with the guide for newcomers published by the city, helps people settle in.


The communal atmosphere in Darien is reinforced by residents’ participation in school sports, local events, and volunteering. They also join social groups like one of the three country clubs in Darien. The country clubs aren’t the only associations, though. You’ll also find boat clubs, an ice-hockey club, and even a gardening club. For those who enjoy contributing to the community, the Darien YMCA is a great place to work with kids.


Darien has a population of about 19,000 people.


Most households in the city are comprised of married couples, but there are also many families. Darien is a great place for those in life’s middle stages, especially because of the highly-ranked schools. For those looking to relocate to Darien, the median price of a home in 2018 was $1.835 million.


Young adults and empty-nesters make up less of the town’s residents, but recent housing and shopping developments in the Darien downtown aim to remedy that. By building apartment complexes and a new shopping center, the city is hoping to attract more people from these demographics.

The Darien public schools are some of the most highly ranked in the state, and even the country. Darien High School regularly has the highest SAT scores in Connecticut. The high standards at the public schools are a draw for many young couples who are hoping to start a family in Darien.


The athletics programs are also quite renowned at Darien’s schools as well. Parents who choose to enroll their kids in school sports can expect both high levels of competition as well as ample socializing opportunities for themselves and their children. School athletics are a popular way for residents to get involved in the community.


Politically speaking, Darien largely leans Republican. The city didn’t give its vote to a Democratic presidential candidate for 60 years, until it went for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The city also has an active political scene locally, another way for residents to become involved.


In the past, Darien has been criticized for its exclusivity, racism, and anti-Semitism. In the latter half of the twentieth century, however, the town became more accepting as racial and ethnic diversity increased. Darien’s population is still about 95% white, though, and the city struggles to provide affordable housing to low-income families and individuals.


The city is looking to revamp its downtown, allowing for more public spaces where communities can gather. Development plans both downtown and in Noroton Heights are hoping to attract more shops and restaurants to the area. 


Darien’s restaurant dining scene is vibrant though, with many eateries along  the Post Road. The foodie scene here varies from an oyster bar to a taco bar to authentic Italian cuisine. So many choices make choosing a dinner spot a challenge! The Darien Diner is also a great staple in town. After dinner, head to the Darien Playhouse for a show. 


The wealthy coastal community of Darien, Connecticut, is a lively town where you can raise your kids, meet like-minded people, and live in relative calm with New York City only an hour away. If the idyllic New England lifestyle is what you’re after, Darien might just be the town for you. There are always new Darien, CT homes for sale so start searching!


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