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According to researchers, Connecticut's tick population is on the rise this season as a result of a combination of causes, including shorter and warmer winters and longer and wetter springs and summers. This is true to the north of us as well, where people are desperately seeking tick control in Maine.


Through April 30, 2021 the state had counted more than twice as many ticks as it had the previous year.


This is not the year to embark on DYI tick control from Home Depot. Call a professional.

Tick control for dogs and humans is very safe and effective.

The Lone Star tick, Asian longhorned tick, and Gulf Coast tick are among the new species on the rise. The Lone Star tick has been shown to trigger a meat allergy in certain people, according to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station's tick monitoring program. These newer ticks can transmit a number of infections and create other medical disorders.


To make matters more difficult, tick-borne infections might exhibit symptoms that are similar to COVID-19, leading to some uncertainty about the cause of the symptoms.


Ticks are parasitic arachnids that feed on people and other animals and transmit a number of diseases, including Lyme disease, which causes fever, headaches, and body pains.


Experts advise those who work or spend long amounts of time outside to check for ticks, properly remove them, and report them to the authorities.

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Tick Control, LLC | (888) 910-8425
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