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Located near the lower end of the Saugatuck River, by Long Island Sound, is a sophisticated town with a population of only 28,000. Westport, Connecticut is small town with a great deal to offer residents. From art and culture to sports and leisure, there's a wide variety of activities. 

Westport began building its reputation as a center of culture in the early 1900's when artists, musicians, and writers flocked to the area for work and leisure. Before this time. Westport was home of primarily farmers although wealthy businessmen also maintained houses here. However, the building of a railroad made Westport a seaside outpost for people who wanted affordable living near New York City. 

Today, Westport offers a sophisticated way of life with many notable local figures including Martha Stewart, Joanne Woodward, and others. Most of these figures live in the oldest neighborhood of Greens Farms. However, Westport residents are less interested in their famous residents and are very involved in their community. They're a politically active community as well and frequently debate in local community meetings. Finally, parents are highly involved in the schools and play an active role in education. The schools boast higher than state average SAT scores for seniors in addition to offering programs in the arts and music. 

Attractions in Westport

There are many activities in the area but for those that enjoy outdoor activities, Sherwood Island State park is a well-known park located in Coleytown. It includes beach access and comprises 234 acres. From the park, visitors can see the NYC skyline. Visitors also enjoy a boardwalk trail that leads to a preserved marsh area or viewing the nature center. 

Downtown Westport features a central business district that combines charm, shopping, and dining in a New England Coastal setting. The walkable Saugatuck area has a variety of independent boutiques, local chains, museums, galleries and more. Visitors and residents to the area can spend hours enjoying all that it has to offer. Nothing in he area is more than a few minutes away and it's a highly walkable area. 

Lovers of the theater can also enjoy Westport's Country playhouse. Surprisingly, this playhouse boasts a national reputation and is run by the well-known Mark Lamos. During the season that runs from April to November, the 578-seat auditorium showcases new talent. They perform both new and established works and enjoy an involved audience as well as a supportive community. 

No stranger to the support of literacy, the Westport Library is actually the third busiest library per capita in the entire state of Connecticut. It recently completed a $4 million expansion project that provided 60% more space for its collections. The library offers residents a chance to work or relax. The children's section is especially vibrant and they also have a wide range of events for people of all ages. 











Finally, one major benefit of living in Westport is their farmers' market. Paul Newman actually opened the market in 2006 and it grew quickly. It's now located at 50 Imperial Avenue and has become an institution in the area over the past 10 years. The market forged links with local businesses and is more than simply a place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. It also runs all different types of programs designed to encourage healthy eating or to help support farmers who have come across hard times. Today, there are to more than 40 vendors at the market. It offers products in addition to fresh meats, bakery items and more. Residents of the area often come here and do their shopping and then have lunch at the food trucks nearby. 

Although visitors enjoy their time in Westport, it's truly a place for residents to enjoy. There's something different for everyone to enjoy which is likely why the area has stayed popular. The residents of Westport are highly involved in their community and support education, local and national politics, and community features. In fact, it would be hard to find a town of this size that is as active anywhere else. The benefit of Westport is that they still enjoy their small town identity. Strolling around the area, people feel as though they're in a typical New England small town and they like it that way. 

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