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A founding settler of Old Greenwich was Elizabeth Fones, who was the niece and daughter-in-law of Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. What is now known as Greenwich Point was known for most of its early history as "Elizabeth Neck," in honor of Elizabeth (Fones) Feake Hallet, who purchased the Point and much of the land that is now known as Old Greenwich in 1640 and was known as "Elizabeth Neck." 

In the area, the Old Greenwich Railroad Station, formerly known as the "Sound Beach Railroad Station," was constructed in 1894 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. It serves commuters from all over the city. It is located on a long, narrow peninsula at the southwest end of the neighborhood, which is home to the town's biggest beach. Tod's Point, the town's local beach, was named after a previous inhabitant who lived there. The beach is currently public property, and it is owned by the municipality of Greenwich, according to the town's website. Residents may buy a beach pass that is valid for the whole season. In order to enter the park for a single day, non-residents must buy a ticket for $7 per person and $35 per car. Sledding at Innis Arden, a nearby golf club, is a favorite winter activity for children in Old Greenwich and the adjacent town of Stamford during the "off season."

In the nineteenth century, Old Greenwich was known as "Sound Beach," and Sound Beach Avenue serves as the primary thoroughfare through the tiny downtown commercial district.

Electrolux operated a vacuum manufacturing plant on Forest Avenue, just across the street from the "ECCman Center," in the 1950s and 1960s, giving Old Greenwich a strong industrial presence (now Greenwich Civic Center). The Civic Center also included a beautiful wetland where local children could collect cattails and look for frogs and turtles, among other things.

The town of Greenwich is governed by a single political entity, known as the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). Several different areas, each with its own postal address and ZIP code, are found inside Greenwich main. These include Byram and Cos Cob; Glenville; Mianus; Riverside; and Greenwich itself (downtown Greenwich). A large portion of the original "well-to-do" population resided in "The Back Country" (north of the Merritt Parkway) or in the exclusive Belle Haven neighborhood on the waterfront, respectively. The town was established in 1641 on the site.


A total area of 3.48 mi2 (9.01 km2) is covered by Old Greenwich, according to the United States Census Bureau. Of this, 2.00 mi2 (5.17 km2) is covered by land and 1.48 mi2 (3.84 km2), or 0.78 percent, is covered by water.


Residents of Old Greenwich are typically well-to-do, placing the neighborhood among the top 15 percent of income areas in the United States.

Six years ago, the median household income was $233,519 and the per capita income was $104,542, according to the Census Bureau. In 2018, the average family income was $336,692 dollars.




Agnes Morley Heights Rd
Aiken Rd
Alden Ln
Alden Rd
Alden Terrace
Alec Templeton Ln
Alexander St
Almira Dr
American Ln
Amherst Rd
Amogerone Crossway
Andrews Farm Rd
Angelus Dr
Angus Ln
Angus Rd N
Annjim Dr
Anthony Pl
Apache Pl
Arbor Ln
Arcadia Rd
Armonk St
Armstrong Ln
Arnold St
Arther St
Artic St
Ashfields Ln
Ashton Dr
Augustus Ln
Avon Ln
Azalea Terrace
Bailiwick Rd
Bailiwick Woods Cir
Baldwin Farms N
Baldwin Farms S
Ballwood Rd
Banksville Rd
Barn Hill Ln
Barnstable Ln
Barton Ln
Bayside Terrace
Bedford Rd
Beechcroft Rd
Belle Haven Pl
Ben Ct
Benders Dr
Benedict Pl
Benjamin St
Berge St
Berrian Pl
Bertolf Rd
Bible St
Binney Ln
Birch Ln
Birdsong Pl
Bishop Dr
Bishop Dr N
Bishop Dr S
Blind Brook Ln
Bobolink Ln
Bolling Pl
Bonan Dr
Bonwit Rd
Booth Ct
Booth Pl
Booth Terrace
Bote Ct
Bote Rd
Bowman Dr
Bradbury Pl
Bramble Ln
Breezemont Ave
Broad Dr
Broad Rd
Brook Crossway
Brookridge Dr
Brookside Park
Bruce Park Ave
Bruce Park Dr
Bruce Pl
Brunswick Field
Brynwood Ln
Bryon Rd
Buckfield Ln
Buckhorne Ln
Buckingham Ln
Buckthorne Ln
Buffham Ln
Burdsall Dr
Burning Tree Rd
Bush Ave
Butler St
Butternut Hollow Rd
Buxton Ln
Byfield Ln
Byram Dock St
Byram Dr
Byram Rd
Byram Shore Rd
Byram Terrace Dr
Calhoun Dr
Cameron Dr
Candlelight Pl
Capalbo Pl
Carissa Ln
Carol Pl
Caroline Farms Rd
Caroline Pl
Carpenters Brook Rd
Carriglea Dr
Carrona Dr
Cary Rd
Cassidy St
Castle Ct
Cat Rock Rd
Cathlow Dr
Cedar Cliff Rd
Cedarwood Dr
Center Dr
Chapel Ln
Chapman Ln
Chasmar Rd
Chateau Ridge Rd
Cherry Blossom Ln
Cherry Tree Ln
Cherry Valley Rd
Chieftans Rd
Chimney Corner Ln
Chinmoy Ave
Chitwick Pond Rd
Choctaw Ln
Christiano St
Circle Dr
Cliff Ave
Cliff Rd
Cliffdale Rd
Close Rd
Clover Pl
Cloverleaf Ln
Cobb Island Dr
Cobblestone Rd
Cognewaugh Rd
Comly Ave
Comly Terrace
Conyers Farm Dr
Copper Beech Rd
Cornelia Dr
Corrigan Ln
Cos Cob Ave
Cotswood Rd
Cove Rd

Cove Ridge Ln
Cove View Dr
Cowdray Park Dr
Crawford Terrace
Creamer Hill Rd
Crocker St
Cross Ln
Cross Ridge Dr
Crown Ln
Curt Terrace
Cutler Rd
Daffodil Ln
Dairy Rd
Dale Dr
Dandy Dr
Dartmouth Rd
Davis Dr
Dawn Harbor Ln
Day Rd
Dayton Ave
Dearfield Dr
Dearfield Ln
Decatur St
Deepwoods Ln
Deer Park Dr
Deer Park Meadow Rd
Delavan Ave
Delwood Ln
Dempsey Ln
Den Ln
Desiree Dr
Dewart Rd
Dialstone Ln
Dingletown Rd
Dorchester Ln
Doubling Rd
Doverton Dr
Drinkwater Pl
Druid Ln
Dublin Hill Dr
Dublin Hill Rd
Duncan Dr
Dunwoodie Pl
Durkin Pl
Dwight Ln
E Byway Ave
E Lawn Ln
E Lyon Farm Dr
E Point Ln
E Putnam Ave
E Weaver St
Edgar Rd
Edgewater Dr
Edgewood Ave
Edgewood Dr
Edson Ln
Edward Pl
Eggleston Ln
Elizabeth Ln
Ellin Dr
Elskip Ln
Ernel Dr
Essex Rd
Ester Pl
Ettl Ln
Eugene St
Fado Ln
Fairchild Ln
Fairfield Ave
Fairfield Rd
Fairgreen Ln
Fairview Terrace
Fairway Ln
Farley St
Farwell Ln
Ferris Dr
Field Point Cir
Field Point Rd
Flagler Dr
Fletcher Ave
Florence Rd
Ford Ln
Fort Hill Ln
Fox Hollow Ln
Fox Ln
Fox Run Ln
Fox's Ln
Francine Dr
Francis Ln
French Rd
Frost Rd
Game Cock Rd
Gard Ct
Gaston Farm Rd
Gatefield Dr
Gerald Ct
Gerry St
Gilliam Ln
Ginkgo Ln
Gisborne Pl
Glen Avon Dr
Glen Ct
Glendale St
Glenville St
Golf Club Rd
Grahampton Ln
Grange St
Gray Oaks Ln
Grayhampton Ln
Green Ln
Greenway Dr
Greenwich Hills Dr
Greenwich Plaza
Gregory Rd
Grey Rock Dr
Griffith Rd
Grigg St
Grimes Rd
Grosset Rd
Grove Ln
Guards Rd
Guilford Ln
Halock Dr
Halsey Dr
Halstead Ave
Hamilton Ave
Harbor Dr
Harding Rd
Harkim Rd
Harold Ave
Harold St
Hassake Rd
Havemeyer Ln
Havemeyer Pl
Hawkwood Ln
Hawthorne St N
Hawthorne St S
Hedgerow Ln
Hekma Rd
Hemlock Dr
Hendrie Ave
Hendrie Dr
Hendrie Ln
Heronvue Rd
Hervey St
Hettiefred Rd
Heusted Dr
Hidden Brook Rd

Highland Farm Rd
Highland Pl
Highmeadow Rd
Hill Ln Ave
Hillcrest Ln
Hillcrest Park Rd
Hilton Heath
Hines Ln
Hobart Ave
Hobart Dr
Hollow Wood Ln
Holly Hill Ln
Holly Way
Holman Ln
Hoover Rd
Hope Farm Rd
Horse Island Rd
Horseneck Ln
Howard Rd
Hunt Terrace
Hunter Pl
Huntzinger Dr
Hurlingham Dr
Husted Ln
Hycliff Rd
Idar Ct
Idlewild Manor
Indian Chase Dr
Indian Dr
Indian Harbor Dr
Indian Head Rd
Indian Knoll Pl
Indian Pass
Indian Point Ln
Indian Rock Ln
Innis Ln
Interstate 684
Intervale Pl
Intrieri Ln
Iron Horse Ln
Irvine Rd
Island Ln
Ivanhoe Ln
Jackson St
Jada Ln
Janet Ct
Jeffrey Rd
Jenifer Ln
Jofran Ln
Jones Park Dr
Josephine Evaristo Ave
Joshua Ln
Juniper Hill Rd
Kandahar Rd
Kemondo Rd
Kenilworth Terrace
Kensington Ct
Kent Pl
Keofferam Rd
Kernan Pl
Khakum Dr
Khakum Wood Rd
Kinsman Ln
Kirby St
Knoll St
Konittekock Rd
Laddins Rock Rd
Lafayette Ct
Lafayette Pl
Lafrentz Rd
Lakewood Cir N
Lakewood Cir S
Lancer Rd
Langhorne Ln
Larkspur Ln
Laub Pond Rd
Lauder Ln
Lauder Way
Laurel Lane Spur
Laurel Ln
Le Grande Ave
Leeward Ln
Lejeune Ct
Lenox Dr
Leonard Ave
Leslie Ave
Lia Fail Way
Liberty Way
Licata Terrace
Lindsay Dr
Lismore Ln
Lisso Pl
Lita Dr
Little Cove Ln
Little Cove Pl
Loading Rock Rd
Loch Ln
Lockwood Ave
Lockwood Dr
Lockwood Ln
Locust Rd
Londonderry Dr
Louden St
Louden St
Loughlin Ave
Lower Cross Rd
Lucy St
Lyon Ave
Macarthur Dr
Mackenzie Glen
Macpherson Dr
Magill Dr
Maher Ave
Maher Ct
Maiden Ln
Mallard Dr
Mansion Pl
Marks Rd
Marlow Ct
Marshall St
Martin Dale
Martin Dale N
Mary Ln
Mavis Ln
Mayfair Ln
Mayo Ave
Mead Ave
Mead Point Dr
Meadow Marsh Ln
Meadow Pl
Meadow Rd
Meadow Wood Dr
Meadowbank Rd
Meadowcroft Ln
Mercia Ln
Mercia Ln
Meyer Pl
Miami Ct
Mianus View Terrace
Midbrook Ln
Middle Way
Midwood Dr
Milbank Ave
Mill St
Miller Ln
Mills Rd
Miltiades Ave
Mimosa Dr
Minerva Pl
Mitchell Pl

Mohawk Ln
Monica Rd
Montgomery Ln
Mooreland Rd
Mortimer Dr
Moshier St
Mountain Wood Dr
Muriel Pl
Museum Dr
Muskrat Pond Dr
N Crossway
N Maple Ave
N Old Stone Bridge Rd
N Porchuck Rd
N Stanwich Rd
N Tulip St
Nassau Pl
Nassau Pl
Nawthorne Rd
Nedley Ln
Neighborly Way
Neil Ln
New Lebanon Ave
Newman Ave
Nicholas Ave
Nickel St
Nimitz Pl
Nipowin Ln
Norias Rd
Normandy Ln
North Way
Northridge Rd
Norton Ln
Nutmeg Dr
Oak Ridge St
Oak St W
Oakley Ln
Oakwood Ln
Ocean View Ave
Old Camp Ln
Old Church Rd
Old Club House Rd
Old Field Point Rd
Old Greenwich Ln
Old Round Hill Ln
Old Track Rd
Old Wagon Rd
Oneida Ct
Oneida Dr
Orchard Pl
Osceola Dr
Osee Pl
Otter Rock Dr
Oval Ave
Overlook Dr
Owenoke Way
Oxer Pl
Paddock Dr
Palmer Island
Palmer Ln
Palmer Terrace
Parsonage Ln
Parsonage Rd
Partridge Hill Ln
Partridge Hollow Rd
Patterson Ave
Pear Ln
Peck Ave
Pecksland Rd
Peepers Hollow
Pell Pl
Pemberwick Rd
Perkins Rd
Perkley Ln
Perna Ln
Perry Pl
Perryridge Rd
Pheasant Lane Spur
Pierce Rd
Pierson Dr
Pilgrim Dr
Pilot Rock Ln
Pinecrest Rd
Pinecroft Rd
Pinetum Ln
Pintail Ln
Pleasant View Pl
Plow Ln
Pond Pl
Ponderosa Dr
Porchuck Rd
Potter Dr
Powell St
Prescott Ln
Prospect St W
Putnam Ct
Putnam Green
Putnam Hill Rd
Putnam Park
Putnam Park
Quail Rd
Quarry Knolls
Rainbow Dr
Raphael Pl
Rapids Ln
Red Top Rd
Reginald St
Relay Ct
Relay Pl
Rex St
Reynolds Pl
Reynwood Manor
Richard St
Richland Rd
Ricki-beth Ln
Ridge St
Ridgebrook Rd
Rincard Terrace
Ritch Ave
Ritch Ave W
River Ave
River Run
River W
Riversville Rd
Roberta Ln
Robertson Ln
Robin Pl
Rock Maple Rd
Rockland Pl
Rockmere Ave
Rockview Dr
Rockwood Lane Spur
Rockwood Ln
Rodwell Ave
Ronald Ln
Round Hill Club Rd
Rustic View Rd
S Crossway
S Stanwich Rd
S Water St
Sabine Farm Rd
Sachem Ln
Sawmill Ln
Sayles St
Schubert Ln
Scofield St
Scott Rd
Seitz Ln
Selden Ln
Seton Ln

Shady Brook Ln
Shaw Pl
Sheephill Rd
Sheffield Way
Sheldrake Rd
Shelter Dr
Sherman Ave
Shoal Point Ln
Shore Acre Dr
Shorehame Club Dr
Shorelands Pl
Sickle Bar Ln
Sidney Lanier Ln
Silk Rd
Silo Cir
Silver Beech Rd
Simmons Ln
Sinawoy Rd
Sioux Pl
Skylark Rd
Skyridge Rd
Smith Rd
Sound Beach Ave
Sound Shore Dr
Sound View Dr
Sound View Terrace
Sparrow Ln
Spezzano Dr
Split Timber Pl
Spring House Rd
St Claire Ave
St Roch Ave
Stag Ln
Stallion Trail
Stanwich Ln
Stanwich Rd
State Boundary
Station Dr
Steamboat Rd
Steep Hollow Ln
Steeple Chase
Stepping Stone Ln
Sterling Rd
Stiles Ln
Stillman Ln
Stillview Dr
Stirrup Ln
Stone Ave
Stonehedge Dr N
Stonehedge Dr S
Stoney Ridge Ln
Stoney Wylde Ln
Stormy Cir Dr
Strawbridge Ln
Strickland Rd
Stuart Dr
Sumner Rd
Sundance Dr
Sunshine Ave
Sutro Pl
Swan Terrace
Sweet Briar Ln
Talbot Ln
Tamarack Pl
Taylor Dr
Terrace Ave
The Ave
Thrushwood Dr
Thunder Mountain Rd
Tingue St
Tinker Ln
Tod Ln
Tods Driftway
Tomac Ave
Tomac Ct
Tomac Ln
Tomney Rd
Topping Rd
Tory Rd
Tree Top Terrace
Tremont St
Turner Dr
Twin Lakes Ln
Tyler Ln
Upland Dr
Upland St E
Upland St W
Upper Cross Rd
Ute Pl
Valley Dr
Valleywood Rd
Van Loon Ln
Verona Dr
View St
View St W
Vinci Dr
Vista Ave
Volunteer Ln
W Brother Dr
W Crossway
W Lyon Farm Dr
Wahneta Rd
Walker Ct
Wallasy Way
Walsh Ln
Watch Hill Dr
Watch Tower Ln
Waterfall Ln
Weaver St
Wellington Pl
Welwyn Rd
Wendle Pl
Wescott Ct
Wescott St
Wessels Pl
Wesskum Wood Rd
West End Ave
West Way
Western Jr Hwy
Westview Pl
Whiffletree Way
Widgeon Way
Wigmore St
Wilbur Peck Ct
Wildflower Trail
Will Merry Ln
William St W
Willow Run Rd
Willowmere Ave
Willowmere Cir
Wilmot Ln
Wilshire Rd
Windabout Dr
Windrose Way
Windsor Ln
Windy Knolls Rd
Winterset Rd
Witherell Dr
Wooddale Rd
Woods Ave
Woodside Dr
Woodside Rd
Wyckham Hill Ln
Wyngate Rd
Wynn Ln
Wynnwood Rd
Zaccheus Mead Ln
Zygmont Ln

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