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If you are searching for flea and tick lawn service near me, you've come to the right place! Tick Control, LLC services Greenwich, CT! With the tick population on the rise, 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous years for tick-related diseases. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has put out new tick information that reinforces our need to protect our families.


Luckily, there is a simple solution that will protect your family all season long. Tick Control, LLC keeps deer ticks, brown dog ticks and Lone Star ticks away from your Greenwich property. Our tick specialists are trained, licensed professionals who know exactly how to keep your family safe throughout spring, summer and fall. Simply fill out the provided form and a Tick Control technician will contact you within just a few hours. If you would like to call us, we would love to hear from you. You can also check our other tick service locations


Our number is (888) 910-8425.

Greenwich is one of the largest in Connecticut and the most affluent in America. The town was ranked one of the best places to live in Connecticut based on some factors, including home affordability, jobs, education, commute time, and taxes. In 2016, listed Old Greenwich, Riverside, and cos cob (all places in Greenwich) as part of the best places to raise a family in Connecticut.

It is undoubtedly an affluent neighborhood, one of the wealthiest in the state, majorly, Greenwich Avenue. However, the town also has a warm and close-knit feel, especially in the downtown area, where it is easy to make friends and bump into famous personalities. An excellent way to describe living in Greenwich CT is to discuss under several aspects, like history, housing, education, food, jobs, and the weather.

History and culture

Greenwich is rich in history and has a beautiful culture that is fascinating to experience. The town's roots can be traced back to the American Revolution when it was a place of escape for notable families who built themselves country homes across Greenwich. Prominent amongst these families were the Rockefellers and Gimbel. Even more, the American art movement maintains an interesting tie with the beautiful Cos Cob neighborhood.


Greenwich is ultimately a great place to settle either you are single or with family. The neighborhoods are made of elegant quaint houses and have an ideal intimate community feature. There is an active real estate market. Backcountry, Belle Haven, and riverside are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the town, with the cost of houses running into eight figures or more.

City Life

Although Greenwich may not be especially bustling like other cities such as New York, the town is ideally situated close to several big cities, and it is easy to travel. You can visit New Haven, Norwalk, White Plains, and Stamford all within driving distance. Sometimes, when you feel the need to experience the bustling of a city, take a three-hour drive down to Boston, and you can return before dusk. Even New York City is only about 40 minutes train ride away.


Greenwich has an excellent public school system. There are over fifteen public elementary, middle schools, and high schools. The Greenwich public school system was ranked fourth in the entire state in 2018 based on attendance, academic factors, and graduation rates. Kids are exposed to STEM and arts to help them explore their creative abilities and discover their passions. Children in Greenwich schools begin to learn Spanish in third grade and more languages as they proceed to high school.


Greenwich's weather is undoubtedly one of the best across Connecticut. With its location at the southern edge of New England, the town experiences the best of all four seasons. The view of flowers in autumn and the vibrant green splendor of springtime are awesome. Winter is spectacular with snowy days, and summer is always warm enough to go skinny dipping. Greenwich CT's climate is perfect for people who love the four seasons.

Places to visit in Greenwich 

Greenwich is a beautiful city with a scenic landscape and fascinating natural beauty. Green spaces and beaches are abundantly scattered all over the town. There is so much to see and do while living in Greenwich.

Beaches, Islands, and Parks

The long island sound is the major water bridge that creates a home for the beaches where you can swim, sail, or engage in other exciting sports activities. You can enjoy a great view of privately owned islands like the Great Captain Island and Island beach. There are the Bryam Beach and the Cos cob Park.

Besides the beaches and islands, the Bruce Museum and the Putnam cottage are other great places to visit in Greenwich. Bruce Park is excellent for a picnic spot, and the hills are high for snow sledding during winter.

However, the most popular tourist area is Todd's Point or Greenwich Point Park. This landmark over a hundred acres with beaches and recreation areas, including running paths and marinas. Even residents find time to see the spot very often. A ride around the Golden Triangle gives some of the best memories of Greenwich town anyone could ever have. Drive across the neighborhood where every house has ageless stonewalls. Begin from the Round hill road, Lake Avenue and through Clapboard ridge road, north street.

Other points to visit include the Babcock Preserves, the Greenwich Land trust Preserves, and the Greenwich Audubon society. There are also private golf courses and a popular public golf course called The Griff.

Food, shopping, and Restaurants

Ther are numerous excellent restaurants across the town and the food scene looks promising, for an exceptional dining experience, you can try the L'Escalier and Harvest wine bar. If you are out to enjoy a great meal with family, then you should stop at either the Beach house or Meli Melo.

Greenwich Avenue is the main shopping center where you can find anything and everything you may need, just like in any big city. However, if you are unable to get something that you want, Stamford and Westchester are only a few minutes' drive away.

Entertainment and Events

Greenwich hosts several remarkable events every year, especially the town party and Greenwich International Film Festival. The Greenwich Food and wine festival, which features an entire weekend of food, wine, and exciting music from all over the country.


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