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Tick Control, LLC is a privately owned company operating in the state of Connecticut. We are CT DEEP state-certified with a single goal in mind; to greatly reduce the tick population in our state.  After watching multiple family members struggle year after year with the devastating and debilitating effects of Lyme Disease, we decided that something needed to be done. We took matters into our own hands and founded Tick Control, LLC.

The growing tick population in Connecticut is a massive problem and yet the culprit is very small. That said, it is very easy for tick bites to go unnoticed on pets and humans until it is too late. Preventative measures are surely our only way to combat ticks, however, finding adequate services are hard to find. It was our experience that most pest control services were watering down their spray solutions or simply not taking the time to spray the jobs properly.  In either case, they were giving homeowners peace of mind, but no protection.


We started Tick Control, LLC because of this problem and because we truly believed tick spraying your yard could be very effective if done properly.  This entails using name-brand products mixed to their exact specifications, commercial high-pressure spray equipment capable of reaching far into the woods, and knowledgeable staff who take pride in the job that they do and for the reasons they do it. 


It is a tall order for businesses that are only in it for the money. However Tick Control, LLC was not primarily founded on financial principles, but personal ones. We genuinely care about your family's safety and we are committed to it.  Our tick treatments are the most potent and thorough you will find anywhere. Our goal is to greatly reduce the population of ticks in Connecticut. and we believe we are doing that... one yard at a time. Here is our phone number (888) 910-8425.

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